903D PP Food CupsImpact Plastics is excited to announce a new product to our polypropylene sheet portfolio! While typical impact copolymer PP resins have a milky or hazy appearance, 903D PP sheet offers drastically improved clarity and aesthetics for thermoformed products without sacrificing performance properties.

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903D vs Trad Copo ComparisonA first-of-its-kind clarified impact copolymer PP resin, 903D PP sheet is setting a new standard for clarity in impact copolymer polypropylene. Typical impact copolymer PP resins have a milky or hazy appearance, and for this reason thermoformed parts are often seen in an opaque color. 903D PP sheet, however, offers drastically improved haze and clarity in comparison.  

In addition to improved aesthetics, 903D PP sheet offers the ultimate balance of properties - combining the stiffness characteristic of a homopolymer, the toughness of an impact copolymer, and the clarity of a random copolymer - all in one high efficiency polypropylene sheet.

This material's unique set of properties make 903D polypropylene sheet suitable for a range of thermoforming applications including:

  • Refrigerated food trays and deli cups
  • Cold blended drinks and ice cream cups
  • Frozen food containers, with ductile breaks up to -20 C 
  • Microwavable and re-heatable food packaging
  • Cold temperature high pressure pasteurization (HPP) applications

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